Improved process visibility

Improved process visibility


Clockworx constructs solid frameworks for every business process, accessible through a central, customized dashboard. Each stage of a process is:

  • Documented for auditing
  • Monitored in real-time for analytics→
  • And can then be optimized based on leadership decisions

Within a business, even with a department, project or process, tiered visibility permissions protect the business while ensuring everyone in the process is able to see and access everything they need whenever they need it.

Personalize dashboards by:

  • Security (restricted areas)
  • Decision-making authority (viewer versus editor)
  • Required knowledge (other data is accessible by search but not necessarily live on the user dashboard)

According to Deloitte, 3 in 5 smart factory initiatives will already be stalled by 2025 due to a lack of supply chain integration. Clockworx already integrates externally with customs clearance, shipping, and many more systems. Eyes on logistics make for better planning against increasingly uncertain supply chains.


Widgetkit ZOOlanders or Widgetkit ZOO plugin is missing or disabled


Widgetkit ZOOlanders or Widgetkit ZOO plugin is missing or disabled


Clockworx protects and extends existing software investments by integrating and automating processes that include more than one application and extending them with additional capabilities.

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