Reduced errors & omissions

Reduced errors & omissions


More than 80% of process deviations in pharmaceuticals and healthcare manufacturing are due to human error, according to a paper by industrial psychologist Ginette Collazo (2020).

As an Automator, Clockworx automates data sharing to reduce manual data entry errors and omissions, and:

  • Links customer data and inventory with production scheduling
  • Connects departmental purchasing with finance for accurate reporting
  • Provides up-to-the-minute process analysis for ongoing monitoring

When deviation from business as usual is unavoidable, Clockworx can still make the path back to production easier. Automated escalations up the chain of decision-making when crisis criteria are met reduce delays in resolution. They also create a clear trail of accountability for auditing, vital for compliance-heavy industries.

Clockworx facilitates:

  • Fewer delays in production
  • Faster resolution
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Audit readiness¬†


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Clockworx protects and extends existing software investments by integrating and automating processes that include more than one application and extending them with additional capabilities.

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