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Many organizations struggle under the weight of disconnected data, application sprawl and ad hoc excel spreadsheets. Caught between the status quo and disruptive rip & replace initiatives many organizations are paralyzed. Clockworx empowers organizations to bind their applications together to create cohesive workflows in an efficient and cost effective way. Clockworx streamlines high level workflows through a combination of project management, workflow management, document generation and analytic capabilities.

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How we are different

Clockworx grew out of the realisation that the applications, systems and processes that have been implemented in organisations to streamline and simplify business have in many cases now become part of the problem. A natural consequence of business growth and micro digital transformation initiatives, complexity, manual intervention and application sprawl dominate most organisational software landscapes. We differ from other workflow management, DMS, productivity, project management and business analytics solutions in its configurability, interoperability and deployment options, being able to be a fully on-premise solution. Clockworx orchestrator was developed on the belief that software should adapt to fit the business and not the other way around. We believe that:

  • Keeping track of how your business is doing should be easy.

  • You should have up to the minute stats on how your business is performing.

  • There should be one place where you look to find out what's going on.

  • All of your data should be connected-up so that you can see what you need to see when you need to see it.

  • Good information contributes to excellent decisions.

  • Excel spreadsheets and manual interventions should be resigned to the history books in favour of automation.

How it works

Clockworx carefully integrates with your existing application ecosystem and pushes and pulls data, as an orchestrator, from them to create integrated high level workflows that span your organization and extends your existing capabilities. Clockworx offers a highly configurable, highly customizable, and multi-lingual orchestration solution suitable for multi stage, multi site and complex business process environments. Clockworx is deployed on a per system pricing model rather than per user license model. This enables organizations to find significant license savings from their existing software.
How? Because Clockworx collects information from existing applications and, as an orchestrator, disseminates this information across multiple users then software license rationalization is a natural consequence of our approach.

  •    No rip and replace. Clockworx integrates with your existing infrastructure and applications.
  •    Perfect for multi-stage and multi-activity processes.
  •    Clockworx minimizes disruption and reduces risks.
  •    Highly adaptive. Can be deployed rapidly and with minimal changes to existing processes.
  •    Full pre and post deployment support.
  •   Fully on-premise and fully hosted solutions available.

Key Platform outcomes

Improved Service/product Quality
Maximized Asset Use
Managed Risk
Optimized Expenses/costs
Improved Operational Gearing/product Quality

Our Values

The question we ask ourselves every day is ‘how can we empower good businesses with great people to excel?’ One way is by finding likeminded partners and customers who share our vision for technology and software and who share our values. Our core values are:

  • Integrity: We believe that people should do what they say they are going to do
  • Innovation: We believe in leaving things better than when we got them
  • People: We believe that good people with great tools and do amazing things
  • Dependability: We believe in delivering what we said we were going to deliver
Real-time decision making capabilities

decision making capabilities

In-built Business Intelligence & Project Management tools with Role-based dashboards, metrics, and reports.
Smart data consolidation

Smart data consolidation

Large data streams harvested and analyzed for diagnostics, preventive maintenance, optimization, and forecasting.
Flexible configuration options

Flexible configuration options

Multi-tenancy system allows each department to track, compare and report on specific key performance indicators.
Smart notifications system

Smart notifications system

Increased operational efficiency with automated notifications that empower employees to know what needs to be done, in what order and when.

Contact Clockworx when you

  • Need better visibility and control over your operations but don’t have it;
  • Have complex business processes that are not optimised or automated;
  • Operate in a highly bespoke and complex process environment:
  • Have teams and customers speaking and working in different languages;
  • Your company is entering new geographical markets and requires multi branch synchronization;
  • Need to increase employee productivity and output;
  • Still have to manually merge data sets to get the reports and join business units together;
  • Have disconnected and siloed teams across your organization;
  • Want to have a competitive advantage for the next decade;
  • Have been misled by ERP vendors and told that there is not choice between siloed applications and a one size fits all ERP.

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