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Knowing HOW to do something is powerful

Knowing WHAT to do is priceless. As the world picks up pace and trends come and go, the new currency is insight. Stable businesses will survive and grow by caring about quality and building an organization that can foresee and respond positively to change and opportunity.

Clockworx Business Orchestration Solutions

Clockworx empowers organisations to bind together their applications to create cohesive workflows. The platform streamlines high level workflows through a combination of project management, workflow management, document generation and analytics. Our approach is to look at what the existing software ecosystem of an organisation delivers and is capable of delivering and then supplement this with new workflows that are specific to a particular use case. Clockworx collects information from existing applications and, as an orchestrator, disseminates the information across multiple users.

Compliance and Obligation Management for Mining Company

An international mining company had been using Microsoft Excel for project compliance and to manage adher-ence to their contractual obligations.
Clockworx's software was brought in to use on one of the world's largest mining and infrastructure projects, in a politically and bureaucratically challenging jurisdiction, as a way to mitigate against the some of the project's greatest risks.
By moving away from Excel spreadsheets to a bespoke deployment of Clockworx Compliance Management Sys-tem, the project's Compliance Management Team was able to decide how the system would be used to mitigate key risks to the project and give stakeholders better visibility.
Ultimately this increased confidence that the project would meet its complex and diverse legal, contractual, permitting, environmental and social obligations and commitments.&nbps;

Manufacturing Orchestration and Automation for German Pump manufacturer

An international manufacturing company commissioned us to provide a platform to meet its requirements to: Present high level, realtime, sales and production KPIs from statistics gathered across multiple business units; Orchestrate the end to end order fulfilment process; Automatically extract data from various external applications (erp, HR, CRM, etc) and software and to provide deep analysis in the forms of real time charts, statistics and reports; Provide a way to 'connect' branch offices globally (in their own language); and Provide a platform on which to automate other parts of the organization, such as:
  • Production / shop floor
  • Quality Assurance checks
  • Post Sales Service, Maintenance and Support
The system was also intended to help this company develop new revenue streams and identify new sales opportunities by providing instant access to product information from the field.

What is Business orchestration?

Clockworx employs a per system pricing rather than per user license model and can consequently enable organisations to find significant license savings from their existing software. How? Because Clockworx collects information from existing applications and, as an orchestrator, disseminates the information across multiple users. In this way it can significantly reduce the number of licenses needed for each application.Clockworx offers a highly configurable, highly customizable, and multi-lingual orchestration solution suitable for multi stage and complex business process environments. Its application to business problems is expansive and the solution examples will highlight how our functionality and approach is suitable for any environment in which:

  • Processes are complex and take extraordinary amount of time to understand
  • Environments with repetitive processes
  • Human error frequently impacts the business
  • Multiple data sources across the organisation that would benefit from aggregation
  • Process span multiple languages and geographies


Efficiency, unrealistic production schedules, and productivity are some of the issues that confront shop floors across manufacturing. With role based access, Clockworx offers the entire production team (directors, managers, workers) a single dashboard view of daily, weekly or monthly activities and where appropriate performance. By aggregating data from multiple sources and presenting them in a simple and configurable dashboard that include the daily activities an employee should focus and in what order (prioritised base on pre-defined logic). The dashboard can include news items from the wider organisation, links to process maps and automatic escalations should task/assignments require project/organisation hierarchy involvement.

Obligation Management

Tracking adherence to and providing evidence of compliance against many thousands of corporate, ethical, social, legal and procedural commitments can be a challenge. A tangled web of international obligations and standards as well as local and national laws mean that historically organisations use multiple systems to manage very complex and costly workflows. For this reason obligation/compliance management is often identified, especially on capital intensive projects, as some of the biggest risks to a projects success. By removing reliance on excel, manual inputs Clockworx offers a single place for recording and managing compliance obligations and uses automation to assist users to manage obligations and commitments efficiently and effectively. It also provides real time updates and data analysis about the state of compliance by task/project/area.

Clockworx delivers:

Order Processing

There is much more to order processing than sales pipeline and contract management. Order processing involves the wider business and is the process of streamlining manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks in a process that might include sales, production, logistics, and the finance functions. The Clockworx platform binds together multiple systems from across the organisation to provide full documentation and real-time visibility into sales and order status wherever it is across the business. Clockworx not only binds together but also extends existing capabilities by handle pricing calculations, payment processing, address parsing and task automation and assignments tracking.

Project Management and Team Communication

Project Management and Team Communication Software is widely available and in use across organisations. They can often produce project and communication silos where program and project leadership revert to manual processes and excel spreadsheets to combine and then oversee complex projects. Clockworx creates visibility across an entire multi project landscape and presents information from multiple sources in one dashboard for easy of management. Integrated Gantt and resource management, payroll, procurement, HR, and sales allow edits to be reflected elsewhere quickly whilst still maintaining a familiar project management tool interface and way of manipulating data and processes.

Quality assurance and control automation systems

Quality control is an interrelated business wide activity. Successful quality control programs are integrated across the business and spans both quality assurance and quality control. This often means businesses have to adhere to quality standards within production environments, processes (ISO), training and development, audit management, supplier management, risk management and many other functions. Clockworx provides a single source of truth within a business by importing (and often exporting) information from the applications that are used throughout the business by automating key workflows, centralising governance, business wide audit trails of actions and activities to be enforced through agreed sets of activities and methods for determining standards and procedures and the extent to which the business is meeting those standards.
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