“A Strong Vision Without Great People Is Irrelevant”

Clockworx is a diverse and inclusive employer working with some of the most skilled and motivated talent available. Our team blends the most experienced in the industry with the newest and freshest talent available to ensure that every project we work on can draw from the best possible talent pool.

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Christopher Caruk
Christopher CarukCEO & Founder
Christopher has almost 35 years experience in software & systems management and design & development, Christopher has in recent years devoted himself to the advancement of business technology strategy, and is considered a technical pioneer on this fronts with several patents to his name.
Claudia Paula Lima
Claudia Paula LimaCOO
Claudia, MIEE, CEng, BSc (Hons), is an engineer with over 25 years in Data Centre, Cloud and Security leadership roles. Claudia has a history of building global and highly automated teams capable of delivering quality and speed and scale. A former Cisco and EMC leader, Claudia heads up operations for Clockworx
William Cass
William CassClient Director
Will, MBA, CMgr, fISM, has almost 15 years experience across high tech industries and has held numerous roles in partner management, sales enablement, and customer success. Will oversees client and partner satisfaction as well as partner led go-to-market activities.
Anton Argirov
Anton ArgirovHead of Software Development
Anton is a php/ruby/python developer with over 15 years experience. His wider knowledge includes an excellent understanding of the lower levels of the OS as well as Java and Go. Most recently Anton has taken a technology lead within Clockworx for the delivery and innovation of our core products and solutions.
Sara Malavolti
Sara MalavoltiProject Delivery Manager
Sara, BA, MA, has worked as a Digital Transformation Specialist and project manager on the implementation of complex business software solutions for many years. Most recently Sara has focused on agile project management and project delivery in distributed team and client environments.
Isabella Geermann
Isabella GeermannDACH Regional Manager
Isabella is an experienced international business manager whose experience spans retail, high tech, manufacturing and logistics. She has worked in Italy, Portugal, North Africa and her native Germany and now takes the lead in liaising, organising and co-ordinating our efforts with partners and clients in the DACH region.
Clare Tyler
Clare TylerHead of Digital Transformation
Clare has a multidisciplinary background having started her career in law with the prestigious Cameron McKenna before caving a career for herself as a Principal Advisor with Rio Tinto's project authorizations organization. Having worked on numerous digital transformation projects, Clare now oversees business process design and configuration.
Mubeen Wahab
Mubeen WahabIT Manager
Mubeen has over 15 years experience in IT Support and Infrastructure management roles. Mubeen currently holds an MSc in Project Management and works closely with Clockworx leadership to ensure our infrastructure is on the bleeding edge of technology with the deployment of containers, advanced security monitoring solutions as well as kubernetes clusters

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