All businesses are software reliant. The question of what to implement and how has been made harder by the number of applications, databases, under documented processes and even shadow processes that exist in businesses.

Clockworx orchestration solutions, blend business advisory and BPMN services with software that helps bind together high-level workflows across your business, presents data in meaningful ways to your business while pushing and pulling data to and from the existing application ecosystem of the business. In this way orchestration can also saving manufacturers money because Clockworx orchestration solutions is a manufacturing productivity software with its automated workflow management system (WFMS), collaboration tools and project management capabilities, it can also help reduce the cost of current software investments but decreasing the number of licenses needed. Clockworx produces productivity gain and license savings. Key cost savings are:

  • Reduced number of licenses needed from existing software estate
  • Workforce productivity gains through WFMS automation, embedded collaboration tools
  • Increased control reduces errors, oversight and overspend through project embedded management tools, ERP integrations, and cost management capabilities
  • Improved decision making through improved visibility across the business and a single pain of glass for key business metrics improving decisions making leading to faster and more accurate decisions
  • Pausing or cancelling all ERP/CRM expansion activities and deploy Clockworx to the same effect for, at times, a tenth of the price of a full-blown ERP rollout.
  • A per system not per user licensing approach enables businesses to scale adoption without scaling cost.

Clockworx business orchestration solutions empower businesses to protect their existing application investments and become more operationally efficient through the retrieval of relevant information by the right user at the right time. Get in touch today to understand how we can assist you with your next or current digital transformation and cost cutting project.


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