COVID-19 Impact Manufactures and Supply Chain

The rampant onset of COVID-19 has meant a near global shut down for manufacturing firms as well as a sharp and aggressive jolt to demand. The necessary closures, on health and financial grounds are widely accepted as appropriate responses to the global health crisis. Manufacturing firms must now plot a course through very uncertain times and the unfortunate truth is that even with government support, many firms won’t make it to the end of the year.

Even the largest manufacturers are not immune to risk. Samsung and Ericsson have both shut down operations in the wake of employees testing positive for the coronavirus. Although experts claim that the impact should not be too significant to Samsung, that there is a much more real threat to mid-sized firms and their supply chains.

One of many responses manufacturers need to look at Supply Chain management. Key activities will need constant review and management. Clockworx provides a high-level orchestrator that spans key applications being used, or not being used but should be used, in the management and control of supply chain activities.

From production planning, business forecasting and demand planning, supplier management and tracking Clockworx can bind together the current applications being used in the process and produce an easily scalable Supply Chain management tool that protects existing investments, costs a fraction of alternative solutions and provides a wider set of functionality than large market competitors. Clockworx partners with experts in supply chain and business analysis and can offer a complete solution designed around your business needs and that will save time, money and effort when compared to larger and more change management heavy alternatives. Get in touch today to find out more.

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