Manufacturing responses to Covid-19

Manufacturing responses to Covid-19

Business in all industries is challenged by the economic fall out from COVID-19. The speed of COVID-19 and the resulting near-global shut down has hit supply chains, demand, and production facility with equal ferocity.

Coming so quickly off the heels of an intense US-China trade dispute, the macro-economic conditions are forcing the manufacturing industry to accelerate its digitization plans.

Indeed the time-old adage 'necessity is the mother of invention' is more true today than ever with many in the commentariat reporting that large as well as small manufacturing firms are exploring ways to stay competitive in the 'new normal'.

With production for most already highly automated, Clockworx is focused on assisting manufactures to digitize their supply chains, order processing across the business and their core back-office workflows in a fiscally responsible way (with cashflows constricted this is perhaps more important now than ever).

Supply Chain

Supply chain has been under pressure for some time from complex logistics, need for speed, increasing labour costs, and volatility. These issues have only been heightened by the closure of borders amid the global health crisis. Days of Supply (DoS), Inventory Turnover Ratios (ITR), and Supply Chain Cycle Time (SCCT) are key metrics that are being used or should be driving supply chain decision making. Indeed it's only when close attention to the metrics is needed that companies realise the visibility and reporting gaps that exist across their organizations.

Clockworx assists manufacturing firms who are struggling under the weight of disconnected data, application sprawl and ad hoc excel spreadsheets. Many manufactures we speak to are caught between limited/slow reporting and visibility on the one hand and disruptive rip & replace initiatives from 'all-in-one' vendors or part solutions from individual software vendors on the other. We take a different and more cost-effective approach. We empower organizations to bind their applications together to create cohesive workflows in an efficient and cost-effective way. Clockworx streamlines high-level workflows through a combination of project management, workflow management, document generation and analytic capabilities.

Order Processing

The end-to-end ordering and receiving process has been disrupted by COVID-19. Regardless of industry or product with disrupted supply chains, dwindling stock, and unexpected demand spikes for different products, order processing has become more complex. This has led to some manufactures having issues with order prioritization with non-urgent orders being progressed and delivered early, while many time critical orders arriving late. In our experience this is often due to even though companies have many excellent applications to manage all aspects of their business that these tools do not interact with each other and so interdepartmental processes were disjointed. It is principally the resulting inconsistencies in the information held by different systems that leads to inefficiency and mis prioritization. Another major problem we have seen is that order updates are sometimes only communicated verbally or by e-mail and are rarely refreshed as problems occurred. Without a central place to collect and distribute updates, people were often acting on inaccurate and out of date information. Clockworx ability to join applications and create high level workflows with no rip and replace brings visibility, creates consistency and automates the end-to-end order process.


Production lines are already for the most part highly automated environments. However they are still being hugely impacted by COVID-19. Social distancing on high-touch assembly lines, limited ability to travel, and the need for oversight add significant complexity to today’s processes. If these issues are not handled quickly, these challenges could result in delayed launch schedules, lower financial returns, and quality issues in the field that could damage brand reputation. By integrating production applications and back office, Clockworx enables manufactures to manage fast product cycles that ramp up and down in a matter of weeks as well as the issues of limited management over sight (created by social distancing). While daily reports from the factory can help to provide context spreadsheets and emails lead to errors. Firstly the data is pulled at a specific moment in time, but in early production, it’s actually the trends that matter most. Issues tracked in spreadsheets lack critical context. Engineers can piece information back together, but the extra effort required to do so means that correlating failures may be missed until the issue is more expensive to fix. Clockworx provides contextualised workflows and trackable assignments to help management and shop floor worker communicate, be accurate and be efficient despite social distancing.

Dynamic and Frictionless integration solutions are new competitive advantage

The Clockworx solution provides a single source of truth within a business by importing (and often exporting) information from the applications that are used throughout the business by automating key workflows, centralising governance, business-wide audit trails of actions and activities to be enforced through agreed sets of activities and methods for determining standards and procedures and the extent to which the business is meeting those standards.It is fully integrated into the business pushing and pulling data across applications, so that every user can have access to what they need when they need it and in a simple web interface. In so doing Clockworx creates significant savings through existing software license rationalization and productivity gains.

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