Spreadsheets aren’t helping your business

It's time to ditch spreadsheets and take business analysis and task prioritisation seriously. But how? by AuthorSpreadsheets are fantastic bits of software, aren't they? All the data is so well ordered and easy to organise. You have to key it in or import it from somewhere else, of course, but once it's there, well. There it is.And you can manipula...
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Reduce reports, revive productivity

An overload of reports that collate information instead of synthesising it is getting in the way of executive decision-making at many companies. It's time to change. Move tactically and think strategically. by Author  According to McKinsey , 30-40% of all daily business reports are adding 'little to no value' to the decision-making process. Th...
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Preparing mining operations for a new "supercycle"

"With environmental, social and (corporate) governance (ESG) increasingly at the forefront of stakeholder concerns, mining companies have more factors than ever to consider as the industry enters a new extended boom in commodities prices—a supercycle."  Currently, there is a high demand for metals as the world shifts its infrastructure toward ...
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Compliance and Obligation Management for Mining Company

About the client's project The client was running a high profile mining project in a remote, mountainous and undeveloped part of Africa. As well as the challenges of constructing and operating a mine in such a location, there were huge infrastructure requirements including the need to construct a railway, a port, many hundreds of kilometers of new ...
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Manufacturing Orchestration and Automation for German Pump Manufacturer

 Executive summary An international manufacturing company commissioned us to provide a platform to meet its requirements to: Present high level, realtime, sales and production KPIs from statistics gathered across multiple business units;Orchestrate the end to end order fulfilment process;Automatically extract data from various external applica...
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