Solutions for bespoke manufacturing

Knowing HOW to do something is powerful

Knowing WHAT to do is priceless. As the world picks up pace and trends come and go, the new currency is insight. Stable manufactures will survive and grow by caring about quality and building an organization that can foresee and respond positively to change and opportunity.

Clockworx Business Orchestration Solutions

Clockworx is a business orchestration solution for manufacturing that empowers manufactures to protect their existing application investments and become more operationally efficient through the retrieval of relevant information by the right user.
We work closely with Manufacturers who want to reduce their overall risk as well as those looking to control operations as they expand into new geographies and markets.
Clockworx is a next generation solution that connects smart factory and office automation solutions.

What is Business orchestration?

Managing a business through uncertain times is not unlike being a conductor. Orchestras must work in concert, each instrument and section contributing in synchronization to a single harmonious sound. Without a conductor, orchestras sound discordant. Conductors, like businesses, need the right tools at their disposal to strike the right note.

For years manufactures have been investing in digital tools to help address the pressures of increasing global competition, customer demands and supply chain complexity. Today’s ‘Conductor Executives’ have inherited a company landscape littered with siloed information and just like a conductor they need the brass, percussion and string sections to play in synchronization at exactly the right time.

To fulfil their fiduciary duty, manufacturing executives need visibility across their businesses and a single source of truth from which to make decisions. Application sprawl has meant many businesses have been given the false choice of disconnected data and a lack of meaningful insight on the one hand and an expensive single source software solution on the other. We are here to dispel this myth.


Clockworx delivers:

Faster and more accurate decision making

Consistent and unified view of data through a comprehensive interface.

Improved business governance and accountability

New and digital business model and enables the monetization of data and know-how.

Reduce to cost of delivering a quality product

Predetermined legal framework and business process automation decrease the amount of human-made mistakes.

Increased team productivity

Better cross-company interaction and coordination of all parties involved.

Improve customer satisfaction

Shifting from focusing on conformance quality to delivering customer satisfaction - faster sales quotation period and post-sales services.
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