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Speed, quality, accuracy. The pace of competition has affected all industries. Manufacturers are needing to compete against lower cost countries and in new geographical markets. Many are turning to custom and bespoke manufacturing to maintain profit margins and create differentiation. The ensuing processes that span your business can quickly become complex and slow. As more and more manufactures move towards bespoke and custom manufacturing, this complexity and lack of pace becomes a hinderance.


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Machinery & Equipment


Electrical and optical equipment

Clockworx for manufacturing

Industry requires disruptive and innovative solutions to old problems.

Global Team Co-ordination

Emerging markets and wider European markets offer some of the best opportunities to secure new business. Managing a team across multiple production sites and offices is challenging. In-built CRM and project management systems combined with multilingual capabilities, allow your teams to effectively communicate and work in their own languages.

Operational efficiency

Creating high level workflows that integrate with your existing applications allow staff to continue to use the tools they are effective. By spanning multiple applications. automating tasks and simplifying the information presented to staff, Clockworx improves operations efficiency. 

Simplified workflows reduce complexity

Workflows and processes span many applications from inventory tracking, CRM, ERP and others. Clockworx provides high-level business processes that span and integrate with your existing applications. Clockworx provides end-to-end process automation that creates visibility across the entire business, accelerates processes, and reduces human error.


Our user centric system simplifies inherently complex workflows into a sequence of tasks that take the ambivalence out of the process and makes it easier for teams to collaborate to complete the work.

Increase bespoke solution competitiveness

Our mission is to take complex processes and simplify them by challenging the established way of thinking. Our solution integrates with any of your existing applications to collect business information to create relevant and highly visualized view of the business. By creating high level workflows, that map to the process a bespoke solution passes through (from order taking to delivery), we are able to significantly improve the speed, accuracy and quality of your bespoke solutions.

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