about clockworx

Born global. Raised disruptive

Knowing which direction to go in is difficult

It’s even harder in the dark.

Many businesses will plot a course with imperfect information and invest in software tools to help them get there. We’ve seen how by solving one problem these investments have the unintended consequence of creating bigger problems. Most manufactures still do not have the insights and end-to-end processes they need to make informed decisions and execute against them and we want to change that.



Clockworx business orchestration solutions were formed to apply our knowledge from advanced technology to the problems of German manufacturing.

Our mission

is to enable manufacturers to become more operationally efficient and competitive.

We work closely with manufacturers who want to reduce their overall risk as well as those looking to control and have visibility across their operations both at home and abroad.

Our History

Since 2004, Pegasus (Clockworx sister company and HQ’d in UK) has worked with large enterprises and cutting-edge IT vendors from Silicon Valley to solve complex business challenges. With a combined executive management history of over 50 years, we know how hard it can be for businesses to know which direction to go in. It’s even harder in the dark.
Keeping that in mind we decided to create new generation solutions to orchestrate complex business processes. That's how Clockworx was born.

Our beliefs

We believe that the conventional wisdom of working with one software vendor is faulty and that the unintended consequences of previous investment decisions are having a bigger and bigger impact on businesses ability to grow and thrive.

We believe that with the right conditions that good people with great tools produce excellent products and that new solutions should, wherever possible, integrate and not replace your existing applications.

We believe that a great solution provider should empower people to work with best of breed solutions and still provide a single source of truth.


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