Clockworx connects the disconnected by giving manufacturers the data they need for contextualized decision making with our business orchestrator. Most software houses will focus on resolving one small problem or recommend replacing all of your applications with their software. Clockworx does neither. We integrate with your existing applications and protects your current investments while significantly extending their value.

Our Story

For 15 years Pegasus (Clockworx sister company) has provided consultancy and technical services to large enterprises. We have seen first-hand the challenges businesses face with growing complexity, disconnected data, a lack of visibility, and having no simplified way of managing the business. The challenge we have set for ourselves is ‘how can we empower good businesses with great people to excel?’ Clockworx became a solution for us.

Our values

What we believe in and what drive us everyday.

Power of people




Why clockworx?

We believe that manufacturers, to maintain and grow their position, need to be more flexible and adapt to changing consumer preferences faster. Having a strong global expertise in disruptive technologies, 50+ years of executive experience and having successfully implemented obligation management solutions, Clockworx would become your true ally in the Forth Industrial Revolution.

Word of wisdom

Clockworx is a ‘common sense’ approach to digital transformation. Focused on investment protection and high impact, our digital orchestration solutions sit across your businesses existing applications and map to your high level business processes.

We would like to give you a refined approach to enforcing governance, reducing risk and automating high level business processes that empower you to achieve your strategic business goals faster and cheaper than otherwise.

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